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Our Mission

 Our mission is to educate youth and strengthen our communities.  We aim to accomplish this mission by building a bridge between school, community, and parent engagement, and partnerships that aid in the health and well-being of families in Alachua County and the surrounding communities.

We provide year-round educational experiences that enhance, enrich, and engage youth from across the community. These opportunities supplement the K-12 system, exposing children to lifelong learning and expand their horizons.

The Willie Mae Stokes Community Center strives to provide a safe, accessible community space for activities and programs that meet community needs. To raise consciousness through education, art, music, and culture. To advance the full inclusion of all persons in the community. 

The Willie Mae Stokes Community Center operates under the leadership of executive director, Reverend Christopher Stokes. Our nonprofit Community Center has one purpose: "to be the place where education and caring happens". We are staffed almost entirely by volunteers and are 100% committed to delivering enjoyable, meaningful programs and services to all residents.

Rooted in faith, and the community we believe that education is an integral part of a strong community. We support the youth in our rural communities who are historically underrepresented in hopes of cultivating their academic and leadership talents so that they can gain full access to educational opportunities and reach their full potential. 

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